12 Volt LED Lights

Information about 12 volts Led lights

12 Volt LED Lights - Information about 12 volts Led lights

What are GLS LED Lamps?

led5GLS is an acronym that stands for General Lighting Service. This simply refers to a bulb that would take the place of an incandescent bulb. GLS LED lamps are becoming very popular as new features are added – such as the ability to be dimmed or brightened – and as the quality of the light increases. While early incarnations of GLS LED bulbs were characterized by a rather unpleasant, noticeably harsh light, manufactures have consistently improved upon the LED lighting available and have added features such as heat sinks that have made them more long-lasting and durable than ever.

The main advantage with a GLS LED lamp is longevity. These lamps can literally last for decades. LED lamps also produce less waste energy, which is shunted off from incandescent lights in the form of heat. This lower amount of waste makes them an environmentally sensible alternative to incandescent lights and, in fact, to CFL lights, which contain quantities of mercury, making them an environmental hazard, even though they do save energy.